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Starred Sky is an exclusive representative for Hive3D - a pioneer in the rapidly unfolding 3D concrete building industry. Hive 3D is near completion of a 3,100 square foot family residence outside of Brenham, Texas, and is currently printing rental casitas in the Round Top, Texas region. These projects are proving that Hive3D’s building process is a meaningful magnitude of less cost than traditional building - and last generations longer.

Hive3D owns both proprietary gantry systems and mobile robotic systems. Each are high-technology driven. Materials used are a near-carbon-zero product of a mixture of cement and cement replacement materials that are engineered to be stronger and more moisture resistant than traditional cement. The energy it takes to produce this product is a quarter of what it takes to produce pure traditional cement. Eco Material Technologies, which operates 100+ sites in 45 states, is a technology partner and supplier for Hive3D.


While the glamour of building large homes is appealing - see the amazing Lake | Flato designed House Zero - Hive3D and Starred Sky see a brilliance in a better mission, with applications in affordable housing and rental communities. The City of Houston’s building code and inspections department have approved Hive3D’s technology and processes and is encouraging its use in affordable housing communities.​

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