Starred Sky Development is the preferred partner and retailer of the exquisite Boxprefab home builders in rural central Texas. Here is a selection of the most popular home models available for purchase and customization in our beloved area of Texas. 

We're in the business of making a house a home. Learn more about the customization and Box Prefab home finishes such as counter tops, flooring, roofing, and more- below!


The Duo Series

Designed for smaller lots, the Duo Series features three bedrooms and two baths in an efficiency family oriented plan.

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The Pivot Series

Inspired by pivoting volumes, the second floor provides shaded outdoor space at ground level while the top of the first floor serves as an extension of space for the second floor with elevated outdoor views.

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The Intexure Farmhouse Series

Try to imagine, Dwell magazine meets longhorns and live oaks. The Farmhouse series is perfect gathering ground for your place in the country.

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The Vista Series

The Vista Series acts as either an independent home or additional space to an existing property.