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Our Vision

Recent events provided a realization that so many aspects of our life – work, education, wellness – can happen anywhere; we no longer have to be tethered to a big city. The idea behind Starred Sky Development is the creation of a simple, tasteful, modern respite for families, working professionals and retirees seeking balance in the country. Our homes are not designed for people who want to duplicate large-scale city living. We are designing a multi-sensory experience where people can hear the birds sing, smell the flowers, feel the wind and clearly see the stars at night.

We collaborate with award winning architects and builders to provide turn-key housing and site planning. We are licensed by the state of Texas as an industrialized builder, yet we don't build the homes themselves.

Our Way

All of our collaborators started out building site-built homes. After years of engineering innovations, most of them now build the majority of their structures in a climate-controlled warehouse. They meet or exceed international building codes, using the highest quality conventional building materials and techniques.They are transported to the home site and set on traditional foundations. This method allows the building process to proceed without the standard weather delays, exposure risks and challenges of conventional site-built construction. Importantly, most have full-time trade staffs who become expert at their craft, and don’t have to rely on finding contractors in the field.

After you choose your model, make your selections and have final approved plans, your home can be on your property in as little as 4-6 months - in the absence of supply-chain issues or pandemic-related delays. Additionally, there is often a lack of building ordinances and inspection requirements in counties across Texas - this can lead to inferior site-built construction. Homes built in modules are regulated by the State of Texas and are inspected as much as a site-built home.


You Can...

1. Buy in one of our developments

2. Buy and have us connect it to your land

3. If you're into DIY, just buy the unit from us

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