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Is modular construction as good as "standard" construction? Are the materials or building techniques any different?

Our homes are  homes are built away from the home site--in our case that's a 20,000 square foot environmentally-controlled warehouse. We use the highest quality materials and techniques to build the units from the ground up. All construction is subject to inspection and meet or exceed the same standards as site-built construction as required by the International Building Code and the Houston Building Code standards. We then transport them to the site where they are secured to a state-of-the-art foundation system. The final phase of construction--utility connection, touch-up and landscaping are completed on-site in a matter of days and the homes are ready for occupancy. This methodology yields a superior product, eliminates weather delays and provides the greatest control possible end-to-end.

Is a modular constructed house the
same as a manufactured home?

Modular homes are not to be confused with Manufactured Homes or Mobile Homes. These homes are not built to the same standards of modular homes.

Can I get conventional financing for a modular home?

Yes. Many banks offer construction loans in the same manner as a site-built home. The good news is, you will pay less interest because the time to build a modular home is a fraction of the time for a site-built home.

Does the warranty you offer differ from standard new home warranties?

Our building partner offers a one year warranty. Consumer products such as appliances, fall under the product manufacturer's warrantee. Starred Sky has both full time contractors and  a network of contractors in the country to service warranty items.

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A Commitment to Quality

Our collaborator-builders are leaders and innovators of modular design/build projects across Texas and the U.S. They engage award-winning architects to create design-forward living spaces. 

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